There are a variety of options for using the official GoPro App on Mac OSX. By using the official GoPro app you can be sure of the functions and capabilities of the software. But GoPro app is designed for mobile operating systems Android and iOS.

Fortunately you can easily create a virtual Android machine on your Mac, and run the GoPro app on that.

The virtual machine makes use of your Mac’s wifi connection to connect to the GoPro. Other options also exist for controlling the Gopro on your Mac, and these can be grouped into Full Apps, Control Apps and Video Preview.


However of all the options I’ve tried, including the virtual or emulated GoPro app,  none support the live GoPro video stream on Mac. To stream, you must use another option, for example

Using the Gopro App on your Mac

The following options exist for using the Gopro App:

Try Parallels Today:

  • Parallels – Android Virtual Machine – pretty good, stable android build, no video preview
  • Genymotion – Android Virtual Machine – works well but no video no preview
  • Bluestacks Emulator – integration with 1mobile, couldn’t get far without providing Google details, apparently no video preview too
  • Oracle Virtualbox – Virtual Machine – assume this would work but haven’t actually tried

Other Apps

Full Apps

Live Video Preview

You’ll need these Apps to stream your GoPro.

  • VLC or Quicktime Player – you can type in the URL of your camera to stream the video.